Stand Out to the Crowd

Discover how Snapchat’s ad formats are designed to turn viewers into your business’s biggest fans.

Top Ad Types for Businesses Like Yours

Our most popular ad formats drive essential results, from awareness to purchase.

Single Image or Video Ads

Make immediate impact with these versatile ads. Single image or video ads can show up in the Stories and Spotlight ad placements.

Best for:

- Boosting awareness
- Getting more visitors to your website
- Remarketing

Story Ads

Spark curiosity through a series of images or videos that users can tap through. Story Ads can show up between user Stories, in the Discover Feed, and in Spotlight.

Best for:

- Driving deeper engagement
- Educating viewers about your product
- Promoting special offers and timely messaging

Collection Ads

Create a smooth shopping experience that makes it easy to browse and buy. Collection Ads can show up in the Stories and Spotlight ad placements.

Best for:

- Advertising in the Ecommerce space
- 'Always-on' advertising that keeps your business visible in the market
- Lower-funnel objectives

AR Ads

Engage your audience with Snapchat Lenses, an interactive augmented reality experience designed to drive impact. Learn how.

Best for:

- Brand awareness 
- Engagement
- Conversions

Snapchat ad for Blissy
Snapchat ad for Hi Cola
Animated gif of a AR ad.

Snapchat’s Best Ads Embrace These Trends

bitmoji of a woman taking a selfie with a selfie light stand.


Because it’s the most engaging, we recommend using video whenever possible. 60% of ads are watched with sound on, so experiment with music, voiceovers, or sound effects to make your video ad even more captivating.

Bitmoji of a guy wearing thumbs up foam hands


Capture attention in the first second of your ad. The average viewer only watches 3 seconds, so consider the following:

  • Put your message up front

  • Experiment with design tricks

  • Use eye-catching video or animation

Bitmoji of a lady and her pet dog taking a selfie.

Native to Snapchat

Ads that fit in with the Snapchat platform tend to get high engagement. Try filming with your phone and talking directly to the camera, and adding emojis, stickers, and lenses from the Snapchat app to your ad.

Tools for Success

Monitor the results your ads are driving and supercharge your campaigns with these measurement and insights tools.

Snap Pixel

Track actions on your website — like when a Snapchatter ‘adds to cart’ or makes a purchase.

Campaign Lab and Split Testing

Compare audiences, experiment with creative strategies, and run A/B tests to get the best results possible.